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What we do and what you should expect
We are interested in conducting scientific investigations into paranormal instances. We do not do investigations for people who are only interested in imitating something they’ve seen on television.

You will be asked questions about the paranormal instances as well as some questions about your spiritual beliefs, other people who may have some influence on the occurrences and what type of resolution you’d like from the investigation.

All investigative services are provided free of charge, however, travel outside of Indiana and travel expenses (i.e. overnight lodging, airfare, etc.) may require fees. If this is not possible, we can help find you reputable investigators in your area.

The following list outlines our investigation policy:

  1. First Contact:If you are interested in an investigation, please send us an email here:
  2. First Interview: We will contact you and ask you additional questions if necessary.
  3. First Investigation: If we agree an investigation is necessary, a first investigation is conducted. For this investigation, we will have you and the property owner walk us through the areas where the phenomenon occurs. We will ask clarifying questions and schedule a full investigation, if agreed upon.
    We may request a legal description of the property from you or the property owner. Additionally, preliminary research into the history of the location is conducted.
  4. Full Investigation:A team of investigators visits the location, preferably during the time the phenomenon occurs. The team will use equipment, such as EMF detectors, thermal probes, video and audio equipment.
    Depending on the phenomenon, we may work with other paranormal investigators in order to research you home the best possible way.
  5. Summary of Findings: We will either request a meeting or issue a full summary of findings for the location.
    Based on these findings and your outcome wishes, cleansing, blessing or other steps may be taken.
    If further investigation is necessary or wanted, we can be contacted for further research.
    NOTE: Not all people are frightened by paranormal activity. They may choose to live with the spirit or they may choose to cleanse the home of the spirit. These activities are only done at the request of the property owner.

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